V2 Quirky Women Parfum

149,00 د.إ
  • Brand name : We Two
  • Amber Fragrance
  • Smoky Fragrance
  • Indian oud Fragrance
  • Leathery Fragrance
  • Spicy Fragrance
  • Animalic Fragrance (nowadays ethically replicated to smell like the real thing, without harming animals)
  • Musky Fragrance
  • Bottle Size 50 ml
  • Soft silicone touch boxing We two V2 Quirky Women Parfum comes with a compact bottle size which is easy to carry looks very elegant and Royal. The Color of the pack is pastel blue which gives it a calming feel.

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Our V2 Quirky Women Parfum comes with very unique and different notes (Fragrance).
Comes under

A floral yet fresh-scented perfume combines the classic and timeless floral notes with invigorating and crisp elements to create a fragrance that’s both elegant and refreshing. Such perfumes often blend various floral notes with citrus, green, or aquatic accords to achieve this balanced aroma. Here are a few examples of floral yet fresh-scented perfumes


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