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Silver Mountain Perfumes Stick

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  • How to use: Apply to neck, collarbone, wrists, and hair
  • 6 hours long lasting perfume cream
  • Mixed with beeswax, jojoba oil, shea butter, and vitamin E for moisturizing and fragrance
  • Apply to neck, collarbone, wrists, and hair for a gripping fragrance anytime, anywhere
  • No alcohol, no lead, no arsenic, no mercury, no cadmium, no formaldehyde

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Silver Mountain Perfumes is a niche fragrance brand that offers a variety of scents, including solid perfume sticks. One of their popular fragrances is “Silver Mountain Water. Inspired by the crisp, clean air and breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps. This fragrance’s solid perfume stick version provides a convenient and portable way to enjoy its fresh and invigorating scent.

To find Silver Mountain Perfumes Solid Stick products. including “Silver Mountain Water” and other fragrances, you can consider the following options.

  1. Official Website: Visit the We two/ paro oud Perfumes Silver Mountain website. Where you can browse their product offerings and make purchases directly from the brand. They may have solid perfume sticks available for sale, including the “Silver Mountain Water” fragrance.
  2. Online Retailers: Check reputable online fragrance retailers that carry niche and unique fragrance brands. Websites like Luckyscent or FragranceNet sometimes stock Silver Mountain Perfume products.
  3. Fragrance Boutiques: Local fragrance boutiques or specialty stores focusing on niche perfumery may carry Silver Mountain Perfume products. You can inquire with these stores or visit their physical locations if available.
  4. Fragrance Forums and Communities: Consider joining online fragrance forums, groups, or communities. where perfume enthusiasts discuss and recommend niche fragrances and unique solid perfume sticks. Members of these communities may have information about where to find Silver Mountain Perfume products.
  5. Contact the Brand: If you have specific questions about their products or where to purchase them. you can reach out to the We Two website or Paro Oud directly through their customer support or official website contact information.

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